Introducing Kwang Sheun Tham as Chief Technology Officer

Kwang Sheun joins us as Scorpio Electric’s Chief Technology Officer. With him, he brings a wealth of experience ranging from his time as a development engineer at Apple, to entrepreneurial ventures centered around battery technologies and Artificial intelligence, to most recently leading the Singapore Government Autonomous Vehicle program.

An engineer at heart, Kwang Sheun see Scorpio as the next big thing. ‘I believe in the team’s vision of environmental and sustainable mobility, and I understand the brand concept. There is so much untapped technology in this sector, and with Scorpio Electric, we have a great chance to create something special.

As our Chief Technology Officer, Kwang Sheun is also one of our leaders, and his mandate is clear, ‘People first, enabled by technology and the rest will follow’. He later added ‘…it all starts with the people and the culture to create something special, and this has stuck with me over the last few decades. As a technologist, I believe in what this product can become, but as a leader, I hope to bring as many talented individuals into our company – both to nurture young talent. and to spur creativity for more experienced engineers.’

Our CEO Melvin Goh adds, ‘the addition of Kwang Sheun nearly completes the circle for Scorpio’s leadership. His experience as a corporate leader, technology entrepreneur, and in the government is invaluable. We are excited to have him on the team, but even more excited about our future products with his ideas, creativity, and technology in it.’

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