Introducing Muhammad Taureza as Chief Operating Officer and Head of Engineering

SINGAPORE, October 30, 2020 – Dr. Reza joins as Scorpio Electric’s Acting Chief Operating Officer and Head of Engineering. He will captain the vehicle development team, and additionally tasked building out his team. Prior to his appointment, he ran tightly-knit group of highly talented individuals on manufacturing technology development, as well as upskilling people and companies through various research projects at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

“Over the years, I have completed numerous development projects and have made things happen for my (past) clients. However, I felt it was time to take on an even greater challenge in developing Scorpio Electric’s product.” An automotive enthusiast at heart, Dr. Reza’s belief in speed and performance is met with a passion for the environmental impact of our vehicles.

Trained in andragogy and coaching, Dr. Reza understands that a high-performance team is built on a common motivation and deep understanding of trust. Dr. Reza knows that people are most driven when they have a sense of autonomy and purpose, all whilst honing their skills.

Our CEO Melvin Goh adds, ‘adding Dr. Reza provides the much-needed depth in our Engineering team. His experience in building products, along with his passion for our industry will make him a key leader within our organization.’

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